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Pre-Order ZING and DIRT Combo

Pre-Order ZING and DIRT Combo

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Pre-Order the Newest Creation from the VooDoo Chef - ZING!  Be the first by securing your bottle today.  Shipments will mail the immediately after production which is scheduled for April!  Don't miss out!

Special Pre-Order Price ZING and DIRT Combo: $20.00

Seasoning & Rub

The basis of VooDoo Chef’s BRE (Best Ranch Ever) VooDoo Chef’s Adobo Seasoning packs amazing flavor with just a bit of “Zing” on the back end.  Use as a grill spice on Poultry and Seafood, or as a finishing seasoning an all of your VooDoo-fied creations!

BRE: 2 Cups Mayonnaise, 1 Cups Half  and Half, 1 Tbs Lime Juice, 1 Tbs Zing

A Portion of all Sales support the VooDoo Chef Foundation.

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