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Charity Golf Tournament November 7, 2020

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VooDoo Chef Foundation!

The VooDoo Foundation supports the community through food & education. To learn more about our cause, or find out where will be next, select the link below!

VooDoo Chef Foundation

The VooDoo Chef Podcast

Join the Erik Youngs the VooDoo Chef, along with Co-host Big Eddie C, as he hangs out with Chefs, #Voodies, Rockstars, and Friends having a good time of conversations and cocktails...

The VooDoo Chef Podcast

VooDoo Magic Ribs

Some of the VooDoo Chef's faves! Enjoy recipes custom created for restaurants to private events, experience flavors from all five food groups ~ Butter, Bacon, Caffeine, Carbs, & Bourbon!

VooDoo Magic Ribs

VooDoo Chef

Taste the Magic ~ Worship the Flavor!

From DIRT to MAGIC to NOLA, I use VooDoo Chef Seasonings almost every single night! Friends and family  are constantly asking "what did you season that with?!?" So I always know what to get them as gifts!

Chef Shane Schaibly, Corporate Chef First Watch

What a great tasting rub (DIRT) from start to finish.  You get sweet, salty, savory, spice, coffee, herbs, wow! 

Dana Kress, BGE Pit Crew

Voodoo Chef Fire Joasted Jalapeño Hot Sauce is packed with great flavor and is absolutely one of my top five favorites. They call it mild and I call it super tasty!

Ray Lampe, Dr. BBQ