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Erik Youngs

Chef ~ Educator ~ Influencer

Erik Youngs has over 35 years of experience in the Foodservice/Hospitality Industry and 25 years working as a Culinary Educator in Hillsborough County Public Schools, the seventh largest school district in the nation. He has quietly been making an impact in the community through his development of the next generation of culinarians. Most recently Erik formalized his commitment to the future of the Foodservice Industry through the creation of the VooDoo Chef Foundation. With a mission of supporting the community through food and education, the foundation has impacted over 3000 families through its "Our Hope" initiative of feeding students in need. The foundation has also awarded over $100,000 in culinary scholarship to date and is committed to another $100,000 this year.

In every dish he makes, the VooDoo Chef creates his zingy signature edge by blending a passion for flavor and a love for rock n roll. Centered around the “Five Food Groups: Butter, Bacon, Caffeine, Carbs, and Bourbon,” the VooDoo Chef believes that food serves as a great harmonizer - bringing everyone to the table. Years spent in industry kitchens and teaching in the classroom have allowed Erik to fine-tune his approach to food by making VooDoo-fied dishes accessible to the masses with his signature sauces & seasonings. 

Join Erik Youngs, the VooDoo Chef, as he discuss all things VooDoo live from the VooDoo Studios and Kitchens located in Tampa, Florida! He will share the "VooDoo That He Do", along with war stories from the kitchens he has worked in. Get ready #VooDies it's time to Party Like a Rock Star!  




Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, Florida — AA, 2004
Johnson & Wales University, North Miami, Florida — Honorary Alumnus, 2005 University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee — Certi
fied in Acidic Foods, 2020
National Restaurant Associate, Chicago, Illinois — Certi
fied instructor/Proctor in Food Safety - Current 



  • Teacher of the Year - WalMart
  • Teacher of the Year - Chamberlain High School
  • Teacher of the Year - Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association Education Foundation
  • Quarterback in the Community - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Teacher of the Year - Hillsborough Technical Career & Adult Association 
  • Post Secondary Teacher of the Year - Hillsborough Technical Career & Adult Association
  • James T Maynard Award - National Restaurant Association
  • Spotlight Award Past Secondary Adult Vocational - Hillsborough Career Pathways Network
  • Teacher of the Year - Erwin Technical College