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VooDoo Chef High School Recipe Challenge

High School Recipe Challenge

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High School Recipe Challenge

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Mission: DIRT 
August 1 Official Kick Off
Commitment Date: December 31
Seasoning Mail Out Date: January 31
Recipe Submission Date: February 28
Winners Announced: March 5, 2023



All participating students must be Seniors enrolled in a high school culinary program using the ProStart® curriculum during the 2022 – 2023 school year.  


Participating students will demonstrate their culinary knowledge, skills, and creative abilities through the creation of an original recipe.  The entrée recipe entered will consist of a protein (such as meat, fish, or fowl), a vegetable, and a starch.  Participation will reinforce the skills and knowledge learned from the ProStart curriculum.

General Competition Rules

  1. Participant, through their instructor, will commit to participate no later than December 31, by filling out the commitment form at the following link: www.VooDooChef.com  
  2. Each participant will be provided with a sample of VooDoo Chef DIRT.  Product will be sent to participants via their instructor.
  3. Multiple students from each school may enter.  Each student entering will receive their own portion of the product.
  4. Each participating student may only enter one time.
  5. Mentors can assist student in preparing for the competition.  However, they cannot prepare the menu.  Their expertise is limited to menu suggestions and technique advice.
  6. Each participating student’s entrée recipe must consist of a protein, vegetable, and starch.  The portion sizes for each meal should be a single serving.  Suggested serving sizes are 4-6 ounces for protein, 2-3 ounces for starch and 2-3 ounces for vegetables.  The recipe must incorporate VooDoo Chef DIRT into the protein portion of the plate. 
  7. Each participating student’s recipe should utilize a minimum of two cooking methods from the following list: Poach, Shallow Poach, Braise, Pan Fry, Steam, and Sauté.  Students are allowed to use additional techniques if they so desire.  
  8. Final recipes and photos should be received no later than February 28.  All entrees must be submitted electronically to HighSchoolRecipeContest@VooDooChef.com.  

Menu and Recipe Presentation

  1. Participating entrants must submit Entry Form, Typed Recipes, and Photos electronically to Let’s Do Gourmet at HighSchoolRecipeContest@VooDooChef.com. 
  2. All recipes and photos submitted will become the property of Let’s Do Gourmet, LLC (owner of the VooDoo Chef brand) and will not be returned.  By participating in the VooDoo Chef High School Recipe Challenge, you are agreeing to allow Let’s Do Gourmet, LLC to post and publish your recipes and photos. 
  3. Photos must be in color, and may be submitted electronically via email.  We encourage all participants to post photos of their creations onto the VooDoo Chef Social Media Pages.  Facebook www.facebook.com/voodoochef13 Twitter & Instagram: @VooDooChef13. We also encourage entrants to use the Hashtags #VooDies when posting.


  1. Let’s Do Gourmet, LLC, Keiser University, and US Coast Guard representatives will judge all submissions.  
  2. The first-place winner will receive a 
    • Let’s Do Gourmet gift basket with prizes to be determined.
    • Scholarship to Keiser University
Winners will be announced on March 5, 2023.

Recipe Entree Form Example


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  • Completed entry form
  • Recipe; typed in official format.
  • Plate Photograph
  • Photos posted on social media 
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