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VooDoo Underground

Supporters of the VooDoo Chef Foundation will gather to cheer on local high school students as they compete in the finals of this single elimination culinary competition. The teams were given full creative license in the creation, preparation, and service of their VooDoo Chef inspired Hamburger. The schools will compete head-to-head in front of our #VooDies (fans of the Voodoo Chef) who will play part in the final judging and winner selection. At the end of the tournament, the champions will be awarded...
“The Best of VooDoo Underground 2023”!

Rules of Engagement for the teams that are participating:

  • Schools will be provided a formal invitation from the VooDoo Chef to compete at the Underground.
  • They will have 48 hours to accept the invitation to compete.
  • Once all eight teams have been invited, and accepted, we will announce the teams and the bracket.
  • Each school will provide one team consisting of two high school culinary (Senior) students to compete at VooDoo Underground.
    • Team members must submit required paperwork.
    • Team members must dress in professional culinary uniform.
    • No sponsor logos may be worn on uniform.
  • The top ranked teams will be in bracket spots one and two, a random draw will take place to determine the remaining school’s placing in the bracket.
  • Teams will be provided two 5-foot tables, and one butane burner (with fuel) for cooking. All other cooking equipment needed must be brought by the competing team.
    • Electricity will NOT be available.
  • The teams will create their best version of a VooDoo Chef Inspired Hamburger.
  • In each round, teams will create 10 identical Burgers.
  • The 10 Burgers will be judged for appearance.
  • One of the items will then be used for photographs/marketing, the others will be used for tasting by the judges. They will be scored using the rubric located at the end of the rules (provided only in team/entrant forms of this document).
  • A recipe of your menu item must be submitted one week prior to the event. This will be used in preparation of the event and kept confidential from other teams.
  • All ingredients and cooking supplies/equipment must be brought by the competing teams.
  • Teams must supply their own plates (1 plate for each of the ten menu items).
  • Teams MUST use a VooDoo Product in their menu creation.
  • Products will be judged on their use of the VooDoo product in their dish.


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